At a glance
> Reservoir : 27,8 hm3 - 421 ha
>  Main dam : 1455m long - 14m high
> Design flow of the power plant : 980 m3/s
> Installed capacity : 420 MW (7 x 60 MW)
> Commissioning by 2022

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Compensation payment due to people affected by the Nachtigal’s hydroelectric facility’s works

18-12-17 15:57

Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC) paid on the 14th and 15th of December the compensation due to the people affected by the works of Nachtigal’s hydroelectric facility on the Sanaga river.

The company, designated as “billeteur ad-hoc” for the circumstances, made these payments along with the regional commission in charge of the compensations’ payment, in Ntui (Mbam et Kim) and in Ndokoa (Haute Sanaga) respectively on December 14 and 15.

The payment of the said compensation comes after the Declaration of Public Utility of the works of the hydroelectric facility, the inventory of the goods impacted by the project realized by the regional commission of assessment and evaluation, and the signature of the decrees of classification and compensation. It is part of a global process that aims at supporting the populations concerned by the Nachtigal hydroelectric facility, and at managing the environmental and social impact of this latter.  

The compensation has been assessed in accordance with the Cameroonian regulatory provisions and the international best practices. It accounts for 1.15 billion CFA francs and concerns about 150 people mainly for crop compensation, and in a few cases for construction.  

Beyond the compensation given to the affected people, NHPC will also implement a livelihoods restauration and improvement program, in accordance with the best international standards. This program comprises the followings:

  • Provision of replacement lands;
  • Compensation for the clearing and the preparation of the said lands;
  • Supply of seeds and improved plants;
  • Training in improved farming techniques.

As a responsible actor, NHPC highly values the assistance to all the people affected by the construction of the Nachtigal’s hydroelectric facility.

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